A new year, again?

What an exciting 2012. (looking back and seeing the last story I had time to post on here was "welcome to 2012" it must have been a DAMN exciting/busy year)

For anyone who doesn't know me, I'm employed full time with Enigma Networks in Winnipeg Manitoba.

The last year has been filled with projects, jobs, and best of all: people. I personally love getting to know the people that make Winnipeg the great city it is.

A brand new year!

Welcome to 2012 everyone!

Here in Winnipeg, times sure are changing! We've got a new stadium under construction, IKEA building a new facility, a constantly expanding pair of universities, and a new and upcoming internet exchange!

Change is one thing the people of Winnipeg hardly take well, but I expect that outlooks will improve as the year rolls forward and some new and exciting BOLD ideas start to come into play.

Asterisk LDAP project

Working on an Asterisk installation, I decided to play quickly with getting a directory service working with users of a particular OU. If you change the $dn variable to match your existing OU structure, and add a phone number to a user in AD, the service will fetch new results each time the user browses the service.


Xens.net Has officially launched our new Services!

Starting today, we're opening up to public demand! Xens.net has offered a number of services for a few years now, but we've been pretty selective of what clients we take.

By popular demand: we now take open orders. However: we do still reserve the right to refuse service.
From time to time we're busy assisting other clients and are unable to handle your work with the extremely high level of service we're known for. In these times, we ask that you understand that we're trying to maintain quality above quantity.

A new voting system

Imagine if you would, a voting system that's impossible to game.

A system that allows a government to issue voting tokens to all registered voters, and those tokens allow each user to vote on topics that affect them selves and the people around them.

Imagine a system so secure that it would allow every person access, while preventing them from abuse? A system that allows complete anonymity, while ensuring that people are who they claim to be? Preventing people from multiple voting by ensuring they only spend one vote per issue?

A random Xens.net creation

A friend of mine is going to school this fall. He's taking several animation/3d modeling/design courses, and needed to upgrade the old Rig he'd been using.

I for one had fallen out of building desktops. I've never really understood the whole world, building machines as cheap as one can to accomplish tasks that will never truly be known until the user hits a limitation of their "new computer".

What I'm good at building is workstations. (and servers.. but that's a completely different topic.)

VMware winnipeg fourm

Today's VMware's big day in winnipeg!

Conference day, lot's of presenters and lot's of things to see!

Cisco IPv6 BGP

It's been a LONG time since I've needed to play with BGP. Decided that I should catch up, but more importantly learn the Cisco implementation of IPv6 BGP.

You NEVER know when you'll be troubleshooting it!


The wonderful people at Nexenta just posted this.

It's a great read, and they have a great product. Continue reading for a little more information on how I use Nexenta every day.

Shaw Communications

Well, Vyatta seems to be happy with a 50/2Mbit pipe: