The state of technology

These days, there are few technology vendors left who develop products and follow best practices. Most simply do as little as is required under the law, and let the rest slide.

I'm so sick and tired of reading stories like this: Sony BMG vs George Hotz

  • [Company] releases [Product] to the market and basically states in the EULA: "you do not own this device, you are only licensed to use it under the following conditions".
  • [Consumer] disagrees with the license, but purchases the product anyways.
  • [Consumer] finds that [Company] did little to prevent [Consumer] from using [Product] in a way they want to use it.
  • [Consumer] puts up steps on his website to allow others to do something new/interesting/unintended/not-thought-of-by [Company]
  • [Company] sues [Consumer] for using their product.

again, this same story pops up again: Swissvale man accused in casino thefts arrested by federal agents

How and why does the law defend companies for building faulty products? If I build a
login system and it fails and allows someone to login and get details about other users I'll be fined. If I build something and tell people "you're not allowed to use this product in any way we haven't already told you that you can use it" I'll be laughed at. Yet this is exactly what these companies are doing.

This needs to be changed. Nobody is every going to progress constantly worrying about whether the product their using as a tool is "allowed" to be used in a different/interesting way.

If you depend on something that doesn't work, it's not up to everyone else to respect that your product has flaws. It's up to YOU to fix it. Period.